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**** These returns are a guide only, not from a real customer’s Portfolio.

“Most of us associate buying shares and investing money with business tycoons or the wealthy. But Sharesies makes investing in shares simple for everyone.”

—Now to Love

“Choosing where to invest your money can be a daunting process but one Kiwi company looking to break down that barrier is Sharesies.”


“If you've ever wanted to invest but have no idea how, Sharesies is catering to your needs.”


“A startup is promising a way into the sharemarket for those of us who aren't already rich.”

—NZ Herald

“I’ve got an automatic payment that throws $100 in each week on pay day and then I get to invest it… It’s also addictive. I get hyped every day to check my portfolio. It’s emotional when you see you’ve made an extra 20 cents overnight.”

—The Spinoff

“The idea the Stock market is just for the wealthy is going.”


How much could I get?

If you’d invested $50 a week in NZ Top 50 (a medium risk fund) over the last 5 years, you would've been this much better off…


The right fund for you depends on your investment objectives and appetite for risk. Investment values go up and down like a yoyo—there’s no guarantee of a fund’s future performance, yo.

  • are after tax and management fees
  • are calculated using the daily closing price of shares
  • don't include the Sharesies subscription
  • assumes all dividends you receive are re-invested

What will it cost?

Choose to pay your subscription monthly or annually. Your first month is free!

A Kids Account is half the price of an adult subscription. Find out more in our help centre.


The price is based on your Portfolio value. This is the best value if you’re looking to invest less than $3000 over the next year.

Portfolio value Price
$50 or less Free
$50 to $3000 $1.50 /month
$3000+ $3 /month


The sky's the limit! This is best value if you’re looking to have over $3000 in Sharesies for a year or more.


Any Portfolio value

You’ll automatically be signed up to pay monthly—you can change this at any time. For more info about how pricing is calculated check out our help centre.

Any management fees are charged by the fund manager (not Sharesies)—these are included in each share price and are different for each investment. It's important to read the Product Disclosure Statement before you invest.

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How do I start?

Sharesies is available for anyone who is 16+ years of age, a NZ resident, and has a NZ bank account.

1 Sign up

It's quick to sign up. You’ll need to be:
– at least 16 years of age
– living in NZ, and have an NZ bank account

2 Set up

Choose the amount you'd like to invest. Set up a regular automatic payment (or a one-off) from your bank account.

3 Invest

Invest from as little as $5. Pick from a range of investments and build a Portfolio that's right for you.

You can set up a Kids Account for someone under 18, but it will need to be linked to an adult’s account.

If you’re a foreign tax resident, you will need to provide your relevant tax identification number during the sign up.

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You can invest for kids too!

Create a Sharesies Kids Account to help a kid in your life take the first step in their investing journey. You can set this up from within your Sharesies Account. If you're new to Sharesies, sign up to get started!

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For more info check out our help centre.

What you can invest in

Choose from 13 funds from 3 different fund managers. Our growing range of funds offer investment choices to suit your risk appetite and values. We make it easy to figure out what works for you...

What our customers say

Picture of Danielle
“With Sharesies, you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in one thing. I’m only investing an amount I can afford—and I’m having fun!”

— Danielle, Sharesies Investor

Picture of Walid
“I’m investing today to make sure I’m looking after my old, grey, future self. Sharesies has made this easy for me.”

— Walid, Sharesies Investor

Picture of Lauren
“I've learned more about investing in the last year with Sharesies than I have in the last three years of investing elsewhere.”

— Lauren, Sharesies Investor

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