Sharesies is in beta 🎉 

There are a few things you should know before you get started…

What does it cost?

This gives you access to Sharesies and to buy and sell any investments available—as often as you like. 

You get Beta Bonus $$!

For being an early beta customer, you get a $15 credit in your Sharesies Wallet to start investing.

Who can join Sharesies?

You need to be:

• living in NZ with a NZ bank account
• 18+ years of age

✋  🇺🇸  ✋
Are you a US citizen, (for tax purposes)? Unfortunately, you won't be able to sign up to Sharesies at this stage, but we're working on it.

You’ll need:

To be able to ID online, you’ll need to have a:

• current NZ drivers licence or current NZ Passport
• NZ residential address

If you don’t have these ID you can still join Sharesies—you’ll just need to send us certified copies of your ID.