What will it cost?

For a yearly fee of just $30 you get:

  • 24/7 access to buy, sell and track investments, without brokerage, from all your devices
  • Live updates every 20 mins
  • Deposit and withdrawl any amount, any time, for free
  • Porfolio tracking across all your investments
  • Expert advice and tips on how to build your portfolio

Get a free $15 credit to your Sharesies wallet

When you sign up in the month of March


What can I invest in?

You can invest into a range of Smartshares Exchange Traded Funds and Pathfinder Investment Funds. We help make it easy for you to figure out what works for you ...



What our customers are saying

“What’s not to like? This is a terrific idea for people wanting to get started in the sharemarket.”
— Lorna, Sharesies Investor
“Investing is something I was way too scared to do or know how to start so it is great that Sharesies exists, I feel really empowered!”
— Jacinta, Sharesies Investor

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