The Loop Issue - #11

Keeping you in the loop with Sharesies.

💖 Investing

Our Vision: We want someone with $50 to have the same investment opportunities as someone with $50,000

Winning in Hong Kong

Last week, Sonya, Leighton and I were in Hong Kong to represent Sharesies at the RISE conference and understand more about the opportunity in Asia.

We met with the NZ consulate, Invest HK, a number of start-ups and had meetings with VCs following us winning the Pitch Like a Girl event.

Sharesies even got profiled by Forbes (insert Napoleon Dynamite yessss gif😋). Along with getting to meet VCs we also won USD$25,000 in Stripe credit 🙆.

Since our last Loop, our key metrics have gone ↑↑↑:

  • 6,217 followers on Facebook (↑11%)
  • 2,700 active Sharesies customers (34%) 🎉

Over the next few weeks we will be focussed on:

  1. Adding new features to our beta
  2. Moving to open beta
  3. Starting our seed capital raise


Product progress

  • Final stages of user testing our upcoming performance tracking feature
  • Ready to go out of closed beta. So next week we should be in open beta — meaning people can sign up to our app straight from our website.
  • 💖 the feedback we get from our customers. We even got an awesome message from someone who has given up smoking and decided to invest that money instead. Swapping ciggys for Sharesies 🙌.

Exhibiting at the RISE conference

Meeting at NZ’s Parliament

↑ Sharesies meeting with Hon Paul Goldsmith, Minister for Science & Innovation, at the Beehive to chat all things Sharesies and NZ innovation.

Chatting to Uni students

We presented to a group of Victoria university students who are interested in getting into investing & learning more about Sharesies.

We also exhibited and were on a panel for an Auckland Young Accounting and Professionals event. So much engagement and great questions from the attendees.


Driving up content = driving up leads


Can we please get your help with:

  1. Sign up to our beta everyone you know & let us know what you think.
  2. Share these updates
  3. If you are interested in hearing more about our seed investment round, please let me know.

Challenges / struggles

  • Walking around Hong Kong with two big boxes of collateral… it was hot, it was heavy (aka 16kg & 23kg) and a tad comical.
  • Reminding ourselves we are still not in scale mode — still refining our product-market fit. So resisting the natural impulses to shout Sharesies from every roof-top….that time will come 🕕 🕖 🕗 🕘.

Shout outs & thank you!

☀️☀️☀️☀️ To Hong Kong for not following the weather forecast and providing sunshine all day every day … a much welcomed escape from NZ winter ☀️☀️☀️☀️

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments.

Cheers from the Sharesies team,

Brooke, Sonya, Leighton, Martyn, Richard, Nat & Ben