Product Update- Performance Tracking

Now you can track how your investments are going🎢

After heaps of customer demand, we’re excited to have launched performance tracking 🎉.

Now when you invest through Sharesies, you can track what you put in, what it’s now worth, and any value difference. As well as track the share price and your investing history within different time periods.

Here’s a snapshot:


After launching we’ve received great feedback from our customers — with 10% of people taking the time to let us know they like it. We really appreciate it.

Up next:

  • An entire portfolio overview — We’re keen to take what we’ve developed here, and show how your entire portfolio is performing. As well as showing more detailed tracking info on the ‘buy’ pages.

  • Adding more funds on the platform (ethical options) — these will not be ETFs so just working through what’s needed to make this happen.