We've moved out of Private Beta!

Around 7 weeks ago, we launched Sharesies in private beta. This meant that people would register on our website and then wait for an invite before getting started.

This was so we could make sure things were performing the way they should before adding more people to the platform — which would only happen when we were confident this was the case.

Some of our earliest supporters signed up before we even had a product and waited up to 3 months for the invite (thanks for your support and your patience!!)

After 7 weeks of testing we’ve:

  • welcomed over 3,000 new investors onto Sharesies

  • processed over 10,000 trades

  • had investors from 18 years old to 88 years young!

We’re also excited to have moved out of private beta today 🎉

What this means?

  • People will be able to sign up to Sharesies directly from the Sharesies website and start investing straight away (without needing to wait for an invite).

  • We’re still in beta, while we build out key functionality and work through what’s needed to add more investments on to the platform.

Up next:

  • More detailed tracking information so you’ll be able to see more info about how your investments have been going. We’re working through the final details now and are hoping to be able to release this shortly.

 A huge ‘thank you!’ to the people who supported Sharesies so early on. If you have any feedback let us know at [email protected]

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