Product update—Refer a friend

Now you can be rewarded for helping your friends sign up for Sharesies with the 'Refer a friend' program 💝.

Check it out!

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What's new?

Invite a friend to use Sharesies using 'Refer a friend'. For every friend who signs up from your referral, and within 30 days—you'll get a $5 bonus paid to your Wallet to invest. Terms and conditions apply.

Go to Menu>Share the love>Refer a friend and enter the email address and name of the friend you'd like to invite to use Sharesies. If they don't already have a Sharesies account or haven't already been referred by someone else, they'll be sent an email invite to sign up. 

For more information go to How to refer a friend.

What else has changed?

You can now purchase Gifts inside Sharesies. The referral program will also apply to Gifts that are created when you're logged in to Sharesies. If you give a Gift, and this is used to sign up—you’ll get a $10.00 referral bonus added to your Wallet. 

Please note: the referral bonus is only available once for each new customer. If a customer uses a Gift code to sign up, then the Gift code first entered in the signup process will trump any existing referral and qualify for the Bonus. See the full Terms and conditions for more info.

What else has been happening? 

  • $10 million invested—since our launch 8 months ago we're stoked to have 11,500+ active investors who have invested over $10 million through Sharesies. Thanks for all the support so far!

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Happy investing 🎉 ! 

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