What is investing in water? đź’¦

As you may have heard, we have teamed up with Pathfinder Asset Management to offer two new investments. One of these is the Global Water Fund. We explain what investing in water is.


Water, water, everywhere

The Global Water Fund invests in up to 100 organisations in the water industry. These companies handle water responsibly and allow clean, fresh water to be distributed.

The water industry is pretty broad. It includes companies that support water-related infrastructure, maintenance and treatment around the world. These companies are typically involved in the production, treatment or delivery of fresh water around the world. This fund does not invest money into companies who manufacture bottled water.

How do I know my money is being invested responsibly?

To be included in the Global Water Fund, companies must make sure their operations are environmentally and socially responsible. All companies in the fund are regularly screened by Sustainalytics. This is to check the companies are not:

  • making revenue from questionable activities (like tobacco and gambling)

  • involved in any controversies with customers, employees or the environment.

This screening makes sure companies involved in the fund are committed to making the planet a cleaner, safer place.

Why Invest in Water?

Us humans aren’t psychic, we have no way of knowing what our water conditions are going to be like in ten years’ time. With population growth, increasing urbanisation and the Earth’s climate changing, the need for high quality water availability is becoming more and more apparent.

Through investing in the Global Water Fund you’re investing in water, infrastructure, technology and treatment equipment. This means your investment is aligned with managing and maintaining the conditions of our water over the globe.


Ok, now for the legal bit

Investing involves risk. You aren’t guaranteed to make money, and you might lose the money you start with. We don’t provide personalised advice or recommendations. Any information we provide is general only and current at the time written.