Invest directly on the NZX with Sharesies

At Sharesies, our vision is to give someone with $5 the same investment opportunities as someone with $500,000. Since launching in May 2017, we’ve made investing in managed funds and exchange-traded funds easy and accessible to over 50,000 Kiwis.

Today, we’ve added a whole heap of new companies and funds to Sharesies, giving you even more choice and control to grow your go!

We’re launching this new version of Sharesies in beta, which means we’ll be making improvements as we go. During this time, we’d love your feedback—you’ll help us influence our design so we can continue to create the best investment experience possible.

Here’s a little more info about what’s changing...

Invest in a whole heap more!

In addition to the funds currently available on Sharesies, you’re now able to invest in over 120 companies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on the NZX Main Board, directly on-market!

While we’re stoked to be introducing companies to Sharesies, we’re still big believers in investing in a way that works for you—so if you’re happy with funds, that’s totally okay! We’re just giving you another option to grow your Portfolio, if and when it’s right for you.

So what’s the deal with companies?

Investing in companies is a great way to fine-tune your portfolio to help meet your goals. When you invest in companies, you can:

  • Have more choice—invest in companies that you love, recognise, or that align with your values...the choice is yours!

  • Invest in the NZ economy —support NZ businesses by investing in companies on the NZX and help the NZ economy grow!

  • Be in control —control your portfolio, right down to the individual share. Invest $1 in each of 100 companies, $50 in each of two companies, or any other combination you want!

How you build your Portfolio is up to you—you could invest only in companies, keep investing in funds, or spread your money across a mix of both!

What else has changed?

Transaction fee on companies

There are no changes to the Sharesies subscription fee.

When you buy and sell shares in companies, you’ll be charged a transaction fee based on the dollar amount of each order (also known as a ‘brokerage fee’):

Transaction fees

Check out the help centre for more info about how these transaction fees work.

New order processes

There are a few changes to the way we process your orders:

  • Managed funds—continue to be processed at around 12.30 pm Monday to Friday.

  • Companies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs)—go to market as soon as possible when the market’s open, usually between 10 am and 4.45 pm Monday to Friday.

  • Auto-invest—continue to be processed at around 12.30 pm Monday to Friday. You can’t create an auto-invest order for companies.

Find out more about the process of ordering managed funds, ETFs, and companies.

Get started!

Sign up to Sharesies, or check out our help centre to learn how to start investing in companies.

We’ve also got some handy resources about investing in companies over on our blog, including:

We’re always keen to hear your feedback! If you have any questions or comments, get in touch at [email protected].