Customer research consent form

What the research is for and what information want to collect

We want to understand how Sharesies can help people decide what to invest in. We’ll ask you questions about your saving and investing habits. We’ll record the session and we will take notes.

Your participation in this study is voluntary

You can take a break at any time. Just tell the researcher if you need a break. You can leave at any time without giving a reason.

How we ensure your privacy

Other people at Sharesies might read, listen to or watch the recordings of your session in the future. These recordings will be treated as confidential.

We might publish research reports that include your comments and actions but your data will be anonymous. This means your name and identity will not be linked in our research reports to anything you say or do.

We’ll destroy the recordings within two years, but if you want to withdraw your consent in the future, contact Sharesies.

Your consent

Do you give your consent to participate in the interview, for the interview to be recorded and for other people in the Sharesies team to read, listen to or watch the recordings in the future. *