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Having an investment portfolio is no longer just for the rich.
Start investing with Sharesies.


Why Sharesies?



Portfolio in
your pocket

You can buy, sell and track your investments—all from your mobile or desktop.


No experience,
no worries

You don’t need to know anything about investing to use Sharesies, we’ll help you learn as you go.


(or a lot)

Instead of needing a heap of money up front, you can invest with what you can afford. And build your portfolio one pay day at a time.


A glimpse at the new Portfolio tracking feature. Returns shown are a real life example as at November 16, 2017, and aren't guaranteed. Your investments can go up and down at any time. 


What our customers are saying


“What’s not to like? This is a terrific idea for people wanting to get started in the sharemarket.”
— Lorna, Sharesies Investor
“Investing is something I was way too scared to do or know how to start so it is great that Sharesies exists, I feel really empowered!”
— Jacinta, Sharesies Investor

How to get started

Anyone living in NZ with a NZ bank account, and 18+ years old can use Sharesies. 

(If you're a US citizen (for tax purposes), you won't be able to sign up to Sharesies at this stage—but we're working on it.)


Sign up

To create an account and go through the speedy ID process, you’ll need a current:

• NZ drivers licence or NZ Passport (or send us certified copies of your ID)

• NZ residential address.


Set up

Choose the amount you’d like to invest. This can be a one-off, or a regular automatic payment.



Invest in the range of funds available and track their performance—investments can go up and down.




This gives you access to Sharesies and to buy and sell any investments available—as often as you

——•• For being a beta customer, you get a $15 credit in your Sharesies Wallet to start investing right away! ••——

See what you can invest in

What about management fees?

Any management fees are charged by the fund manager (not Sharesies)—these are included in each share price and are different for each investment. It’s important to read the Product Disclosure Statement before you invest.

More about management fees