What will it cost?

Choose to pay your subscription monthly or annually. Your first month is free!


The price is based on your Portfolio value. This is best value if you’re looking to have less than $3000 in Sharesies for the next year.

Portfolio value Price
$50 or less Free
$50 to $3000 $1.50 /month
$3000+ $3 /month


The sky's the limit! This is best value if you’re looking to have over $3000 in Sharesies for a year or more.

$30 /yr
Any Portfolio value

You’ll automatically be signed up to pay monthly—you can change this at any time. For more info about how pricing is calculated check out our help centre.

A Kids Account is half the price of an adult subscription. Find out more in our help centre.

Any management fees are charged by the fund manager (not Sharesies)—these are included in each share price and are different for each investment. It's important to read the Product Disclosure Statement before you invest.

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Now you can invest for kids too!

Create a Sharesies Kids Account to help a kid in your life take the first step in their investing journey. You can set this up from within your Sharesies Account. If you're new to Sharesies, sign up to get started!


For more info check out our help centre.

What can I invest in?

Choose from a range of investments that match your risk appetite and values. We make it easy to figure out what works for you...


What our customers are saying

“What’s not to like? This is a terrific idea for people wanting to get started in the sharemarket.”
— Lorna, Sharesies Investor
“Investing is something I was way too scared to do or know how to start so it is great that Sharesies exists, I feel really empowered!”
— Jacinta, Sharesies Investor



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