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Kids Accounts

Give a kid in your life the opportunity to learn about money, feel financially empowered, and build an investment portfolio.

From pocket change to life-changing

Help a kid in your life take the first step on a life-long investing journey.

  • Prepare them for life

    Help prepare a nest egg for the big moments in a kid’s life—whether it’s further education, their first car, or future home.

  • Start them early

    Regularly investing small, affordable amounts over many years can build up to bigger amounts. So the earlier kids start, the more time they have in the market!

  • Build financial literacy

    Kick-start conversations about money—break down financial jargon, teach them good habits, and grow their knowledge.

Let’s get started

To sign up a kid, you’ll need to have an adult’s Sharesies account to link the Kids Account to. You don’t need to be the kid’s parent or caregiver.

  1. Get their details ready

    You’ll need some info about the kid—including their ID, residential address, and IRD number.

  2. Open Sharesies

    Log in to Sharesies, or sign up if you’re new.

  3. Create Kids Account

    In Sharesies, go to Account > Create a Kids Account. Follow the steps, agree to the Kids Accounts T&Cs, and your kidʻll be good to go!

Get started

How it works

  • You can open a Kids Account for anyone under 18 years old. You don't need to be their parent or caregiver.

  • By opening a Kids Account, you become a ‘trustee’ of the Kids Account. You’ll manage the Kids Account, and any activity must be for the kid’s benefit only.

  • When the kid is old enough (25 by default, or from 18 if you choose), they can request to take control of their Portfolio.

For more info on creating and managing a Kids Account, check out our help centre.

Over 40,000 kids invest with Sharesies