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Invest in Australian shares

Buy shares in over 2,300 companies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Australian companies and funds

This is only a fraction of the companies and ETFs you can invest in.

Why invest in Australian shares?

  • Diversification

    Diversify your Portfolio with Australian companies and ETFs. Investing across different countries and industries can help to spread your risk.

  • Heaps of choice

    You have over 2,300 Australian investments to choose from—that’s on top of the nearly 6,000 US and NZ investments you have access to. Choice!

  • Close to home

    Invest in companies close to your home and heart. You’ll find heaps of well-known Australian companies on the ASX—and a few from NZ too.

Buy shares on the ASX

Invest in your favourite Australian companies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Let’s get started

You’ll need to be 16 or over, an NZ resident, and have an NZ bank account.

  1. Sign up

    Have your NZ ID handy—driver license or passport is best.

  2. Settle in

    Top up your Wallet, exchange your money, and explore the range of investments.

  3. Invest

    With as little as 1¢, choose from over 8,000 investments across the US, Australia, and NZ.

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Keep it casual, or keep it regular

Invest when the timing is right with pay as you go, or get your transaction fees covered with a plan.

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