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Invest in exchange-traded funds

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) spreads your money across a group of investments, giving you instant diversification.

Portfolio displayed is a guide, not from a real customer. For informational purposes only.

ETFs on Sharesies

These are only some of the ETFs you can invest in.

Before you invest in an ETF, read its prospectus or product disclosure statement to find out what it invests in, and what management fees it charges.

Why invest in ETFs?

  • Diversification

    You might have heard the saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. When you invest in an ETF, your money is split across a range of investments instead of put into just one company.

  • Accessibility

    Get access to companies or industries—like space exploration!—that you might not be able to invest in directly.

  • Transparency

    Because they’re traded on an exchange, you get visibility on share price movements and can sell your shares whenever there are interested buyers.

Invest in local and global brands

Sharesies gives you access to exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in New Zealand, the US, and Australia.

NZ exchange-traded funds

Invest locally with over 30 ETFs available on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX).

Smartshares NZ Top 50 fund page in the Sharesies app.

US exchange-traded funds

Gain access to global markets by investing in a wide range of ETFs on US stock exchanges.

Cluster of US exchange-traded fund (ETF) logos.

Aussie exchange-traded funds

Diversify your Portfolio with ETFs on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Cluster of Australian exchange-traded fund (ETF) logos.


Put your investing on repeat

Pick an order, the amount you want to regularly invest, and auto-invest will place the orders for you.

Let’s get started

You’ll need to be 16 or over, an NZ resident, and have an NZ bank account.

  1. Sign up

    Have your NZ ID handy—driver license or passport is best.

  2. Settle in

    Top up your Wallet, exchange your money, and explore the range of investments.

  3. Invest

    With as little as 1¢, choose from over 8,000 investments across the US, Australia, and NZ.

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Keep it casual, or keep it regular

Invest when the timing is right with pay as you go, or get your transaction fees covered with a plan.

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