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Shared Lunch

A weekly conversation with experts, CEOs, and you. Get ready to tuck into fresh takes on the share market, companies you can invest in, and the future of business.

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Shared Lunch: What's next for the social tech titans?

12:15–1 PM, 1 Hakihea/December 2022

Twitter’s on life support, Snapchat’s lost its…snap and does anyone use Facebook anymore? Join us on Shared Lunch this week when we ask Milford Asset Management Portfolio Manager Felix Fok whether social media is having an existential crisis and what shape the industry might take in the future.

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Shared Lunch is hosted by BusinessDesk journalists including Frances Cook, Dan Brunskill, Rebecca Stevenson, and Victoria Young.

Each week, they’ll alternate between an interview with a company leader and an industry deep dive.

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Shared Lunch is not financial advice. We recommend talking to a licensed financial adviser. You should review relevant product disclosure documents before deciding to invest. Investing involves risk. You might lose the money you start with. Content is current at the time.
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