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Sharesies Index

With over half a million investors who have joined our platform, the Sharesies Index gives you access to changing behaviours, trends, and valuable insights.

A quarterly gauge of investor confidence

Every quarter, we analyse aggregated and anonymised data, including buy and sell ratios, deposits and withdrawals, companies versus funds, and the volatility of the 50 most-owned investments on Sharesies.

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In the final quarter of the financial year (Jan–Mar 2024), Sharesies experienced its highest trading month ever with March volumes hitting $488 million NZD.

This result was fuelled by:

  • tech stocks rallying

  • some investors choosing to profit take

  • new investors entering the market at a higher rate than we've see in more than 18 months.

While investor behaviour continued to indicate a mood of caution, the Sharesies Index was up on average from last quarter by 5 points.

Read on to understand movements in the underlying indicators of retail confidence, and to learn more about how some retail investors are capitalising on AI sector growth.

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