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Invest in managed funds

A managed fund spreads your money across a hand-picked group of investments. A fund provider picks the investments based on an investment strategy.

Managed funds on Sharesies

  • AMP Capital

    AMP Capital is one of New Zealand’s largest investment managers, managing over $200 billion in funds globally.

    • AMP Capital All Country Global Shares Index Fund

    • AMP Capital Ethical Leaders NZ Shares Fund

  • Pathfinder

    Pathfinder offers environmental, social, and governance (ESG) funds.

    • Pathfinder Global Property Fund

    • Pathfinder Global Responsibility Fund

    • Pathfinder Global Water Fund

  • Pie Funds logo

    Pie funds

    PIE Funds is a boutique investment manager operating since 2007.

    • Pie Australasian Dividend Growth Fund

    • Pie Global Growth 2 Fund

  • Smartshares

    Smartshares lets you invest in a range of managed funds from around the world.

    • Smartshares NZ Core Equity Trust


    TAHITO uses environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria to select indigenous, ethical, and sustainable investments.

    • TAHITO Te Tai o Rehua Fund

Why invest in managed funds?

  • They’re hand-picked

    The fund provider scrutinises each investment in the fund to meet an investment strategy.

  • Potential tax benefits

    PIE income tax is based on your prescribed investor rate (PIR) rather than your ordinary income tax rate. This means you might pay less tax compared to other investments.

  • Eggs in multiple baskets

    You might have heard the saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. When you invest in a managed fund, you own a piece of a bunch of investments, instead of just one company.


Invest regularly, without the guesswork. You can pick a pre-made or DIY order, the amount you want to regularly invest, and auto-invest will do the rest.

Let’s get started

You’ll need to be over 16 years old, an NZ resident, and have an NZ bank account.

  1. Sign up

    Have your NZ ID handy—driver license or passport is best.

  2. Settle in

    Top up your Wallet, exchange your money, and explore the range of investments.

  3. Invest

    With as little as 1¢, choose from over 8,000 investments across NZ, the US, and Australia.


There’s no subscription fee to use Sharesies. We charge you fees when you buy and sell investments, and when you exchange money.

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