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Bank of Kid

Managing money—minus the Bank of Mum and Dad. Because learning about the value of money is something we should feel more comfy talking about.

From a handout to a hand up

Got a primary schooler? We’ve created some activity sheets to help them unpack simple money concepts over the holiday break. You'll get these, and a separate parent’s guide with handy explainers, emailed straight to you. 

Pocket to plan

Start off with this pocket money template that can be printed (or penned!) that helps demonstrate the different uses pocket money can have—beyond (or perhaps as well as) a trip to the toy shop.

Save to spend

Whether it’s a short or long-term savings goal, and no matter what it’s for, this activity is aimed at helping kids reflect on what they deem worthy of their precious savings.

Track to crack

This is a super simple way to help your kids track the ups and downs of the companies that interest them and decide whether those chickens could hatch, way down the track. 🐣

Finding their financial footing

Getting kids thinking about how they spend their money is a great way to spend some spare time. Plus, it doesn’t pay to be short on things to do in the school holidays! And if you don’t have a printer handy? No stress. Our activity sheets can be easily penned on paper as well—so no one misses out. 

Get your Bank of Kid activity sheets

Together, let's get them a rung up the ladder with a $10 kickstart to apply to a new Sharesies Kids Account. Sign up for your exclusive promo code alongside our activity sheets.

Bank of Kid was created to unpack simple money concepts for kids. Sharesies is not a registered bank.

Let’s get started

To sign up a kid, you’ll need to have an adult’s Sharesies account to link the Kids Account to. You don’t need to be the kid’s parent or caregiver.

  1. Get their details ready

    You’ll need some info about the kid—including their ID, residential address, and IRD number.

  2. Open Sharesies

    Log in to Sharesies, or sign up if you’re new.

  3. Create Kids Account

    In Sharesies, go to Account > Create a Kids Account. Follow the steps, agree to the Kids Accounts T&Cs, and your kidʻll be good to go!

Get started