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Product disclosure statement (PDS), fund updates, reports, statements, and policies for the Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme.

Offer documents

DownloadProduct disclosure statement (PDS) — Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme (29 February 2024) [PDF, 582.07 KB]

DownloadStatement of investment policy and objectives (SIPO) — Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme (5 March 2024) [PDF, 457.99 KB]

DownloadOther material information (OMI) — Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme (29 February 2024) [PDF, 308.84 KB]

DownloadInvestment options supplement (IOS) — Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme (29 February 2024) [PDF, 739.43 KB]


DownloadSharesies KiwiSaver Scheme Annual Report 2023 [PDF, 328.8 KB]

Financial statements

DownloadSharesies KiwiSaver Scheme Financial Statements 2023 [PDF, 361.88 KB]

Investment policies

DownloadSIML - Guardrail Policy (December 2023) [PDF, 78.66 KB]

DownloadSIML - Investment Options Policy (October 2023) [PDF, 75.92 KB]

DownloadSIML - Side Pocketing Policy (October 2023) [PDF, 104.67 KB]

Now for the legal bit

Investing involves risk. You aren’t guaranteed to make money, and you might lose the money you start with. We don’t provide personalised advice or recommendations. Any information we provide is general only and current at the time written. You should consider seeking independent legal, financial, taxation or other advice when considering whether an investment is appropriate for your objectives, financial situation or needs.
Sharesies Investment Management Limited is the issuer of the Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme. The product disclosure statement (PDS) for the Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme has been lodged, and may be viewed on the Disclose Register or on our documents page.