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Help someone you care about build their investment Portfolio with a Sharesies Gift.

Choose the amount you want to gift—from $5 up to $2,000.

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How do I give a Gift?

Whether they're new to Sharesies or already an investor—your Gift can be used to give their Portfolio a boost.


Make sure they're eligible

Before giving a Gift, make sure the person you’re giving it to is eligible for a Sharesies account. Find out more in our help centre.


Create your Gift

Choose the amount you’d like to give. This can be between $5—$2,000. Payment will be processed by debit or credit card—and will have a card processing fee.


Give the Gift

Once the Gift has been created, we’ll email you the Gift voucher with a code. You give it to them. They love it. Many happy returns!

How to redeem your Gift

New to Sharesies?

Create a Sharesies account for free for the first month. Once you’re signed up select “Redeem a Gift” and enter the code this will put the money into your Wallet ready for you to invest.

Already investing on Sharesies?

Log in and select “Gifts” from the menu—it’s going to give your Portfolio a nice boost.