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The best and worst of 2023

Shared Lunch

In a reflective and fun look at 2023—plus a peek into what’s in store for investors 2024—we spar with Informetrics principle economist Brad Olsen and Harbour Asset Management’s Chris di Leva. 

In this 2-part  bumper episode we also cover world influences, market moves, options for investing in  AI, property v shares and how does a LEGO  fan have a green Christmas? 

Brought to you by Sharesies, with BusinessDesk

Shared Lunch is hosted by BusinessDesk journalists including Frances Cook. 

Each week, we’ll alternate between an interview with a company leader and an industry deep dive.

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Ok, now for the legal bit

Appearance on Shared Lunch is not an endorsement by Sharesies of the views of the presenters, guests, or the entities they represent. Their views are their own. Shared Lunch is not financial advice. We recommend talking to a licensed financial adviser. You should review relevant product disclosure documents before deciding to invest. Investing involves risk. You might lose the money you start with. Content is current at the time. 

Shared Lunch is for a New Zealand audience.

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