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Referral Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 21 March 2024

If you refer a friend to Sharesies and they complete sign up using your referral link, we’ll give you AND your friend a $5 bonus in your Sharesies Wallet. It’s our way of saying thanks. We call this our ‘refer a friend bonus’. These terms and conditions apply to our 'refer a friend' bonus.

To refer a friend, sign in to your Account and find your ‘Refer a friend' link. You can either share the unique link that we give you, or ask us to send an email invite to a friend for you. Or, you can do a bit of both.

If you refer friends using the unique link we’ve given you, you can post the link wherever you like.

If you ask us to send an email invite to a friend, you agree:

  • to only ask us to email friends that you know well, and that you think will be interested in an email from us

  • that we can send an initial invite and two reminders

  • that the emails can include your name and say that you have referred the friend.

How you’ll know if friends you’ve referred have signed up

You’ll be able to see the number of 'pending' and successful 'sign-ups' when you’re signed into your Account. You won’t be able to see which of your friends have opened an Account.

We may not send an email invite if your friend is linked to an existing Account or if they’ve already been invited by another friend. We’ll still show the status of the invite as ‘pending’ for 30 days.

You’ll get the 'refer a friend' bonus if you and your friend meet our criteria

To get the 'refer a friend' bonus, you’ll need to:

  • have an Account with us

  • comply with our terms and be allowed to make Investments.

Your friend will need to:

  • have never had an Account with us

  • comply with our terms and be allowed to make Investments

  • successfully open a new Account by using:

    • the unique link we give you, or

    • the link in the email we send for you

  • open the new Account within 30 days of:

    • us sending the email invite, or

    • the friend first clicking on the unique link we’ve given you.

How we pay you our ‘refer a friend’ bonus

If you and your friend meet the requirements set out in these terms, we will pay the $5 'refer a friend' bonus into your Wallet within 10 business days of your friend opening an Account.

The 'refer a friend' bonus applies once per friend, for example, it doesn’t apply multiple times if your friend opens multiple Accounts.

The 'refer a friend' bonus can’t be withdrawn from your Wallet immediately, it must be used to make Investments through your Account.

Other things you should know about our ‘refer a friend’ bonus

You agree not to engage in any activity that may be considered fraudulent, invasive or spammy.

The ‘refer a friend’ bonus may not apply when other special offers from Sharesies apply.

If we reasonably believe that you are abusing the 'refer a friend' bonus or are otherwise in breach of our terms we can choose not to pay you the 'refer a friend' bonus.

We can suspend or stop giving the ‘refer a friend’ bonus any time. We can change these terms and conditions any time.

If for some reason we can’t pay you the ‘refer a friend’ bonus as planned, we aren’t liable to you or anyone else if we don’t pay you the 'refer a friend' bonus. We will resolve any dispute or issue to do with the ‘refer a friend’ bonus in the way we consider to be fairest to everyone involved. Our decision will be final.

For Australian investors: these terms and conditions apply in addition to the terms set out in the Sharesies IDPS Guide and any other applicable disclosure documents.

For New Zealand investors: these terms and conditions apply in addition to the Sharesies General terms and conditions and any special terms and conditions applicable to you.