Why we started Sharesies

We want someone with $50 to have the same investment opportunities as someone with $50,000.

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Meet the team

Aheti (Sasa) Tapelu
Finance and Operations Intern
Alan Doak
Alan Doak
Marketing Manager
Alison Gerry
Director and Chair of the Board
Ben Crotty
Co-founder and Design Chief
Brooke Roberts
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Donovan Jones
Gareth Railton
UI Designer
Hannah Bennett
Operations and Compliance Administrator
Hardy Michel
Operations Manager
James (Champ) Sutherland
Operations Associate
Jess MacDonald
UX/Product Design
Kanna Yamasaki
Customer Success Manager
Leighton Roberts
Co-founder and Chief of Operations and Opportunities
Lisa Stewart
Independent Director
Matt Bluett
Senior Designer
Martyn Smith
Co-founder and Chief Product Engineer
Natalie Bryant
General Counsel and Company Secretary
Paul Williams
Advisor and Virtual Financial Officer
Renae Williams
Customer Associate
Richard Clark
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
Sonya Williams
Co-founder and Chief of Product and Marketing
Stuart McDonald
Szu Han (Hank) Chou