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Best Price Policy

Last updated: 6 April 2021

Sharesies needs to act in the interests of both the market and investors in a way which complies with the spirit and intent of the practices, procedures and requirements established by exchanges.

When we go to place your order on the NZX, we check to see if there is a buyer or seller at (or near) the last traded price for that share. If not, we have measures in place that aim to get you the best available price for your order, without creating a disorderly market.

To do this, we look at factors such as the last traded price, market conditions and availability of buyers or sellers. We make adjustments until we find a price to trade at within a limit that we set. Your order may be filled at different prices and may also be only partially filled.

Australian and US orders will be placed in-line with our partners' regulatory obligations and 'best execution' policies.

Orders placed through Sharesies are automated so your order fills as quickly as possible—a dealer will only intervene if your order needs a helping hand.