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No custody or admin fees

Transfer your shares and you could save on fees with Sharesies.

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Competitive brokerage fees

Each time you buy or sell shares, the maximum transaction fee per order is capped at:

  • $5 USD for US shares

  • $15 AUD for Aussie shares

  • $25 NZD for NZ shares

Otherwise a 1.9% transaction fee applies, or you can choose a pricing plan where transaction fees are covered on a set dollar amount of orders each month.

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Simple share transfer

Transferring NZX and ASX-listed shares into Sharesies is free.

For US shares, there’s a Sharesies transfer fee of:

  • $50 USD per investment for US DTC transfers (from brokers including Craigs Investment Partners, Forsyth Barr and ASB Securities), or

  • $35 USD per account for DriveWealth-partner transfers (from brokers including Stake, Revolut and Hatch).

Once you’ve transferred in, we charge no admin or custody fees to hold your shares. 

Brokerage fees will apply to any buy or sell transactions, and fees apply to transfer shares out of Sharesies.

Features for managing your investments

  • Sharesight integration

  • Investment reporting

  • US, NZX, and ASX shares

  • Watchlist

  • Dividend reinvestment plans

  • Corporate actions access

  • Extended US trading hours

  • Savings account with no fees and no limits

  • Share transfers for US, NZ, and Aussie shares

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All you need to get started

  1. Be 16 or over

    For younger folks, we have Kids Accounts.

  2. Have a valid ID and residential address

    An NZ passport, driver licence, or other ID will do the trick.

  3. Have an NZ bank account

    For getting money into and out of Sharesies.

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