Referral Terms and Conditions

The ‘Refer a friend’ offer (the “Offer”) is provided by Sharesies Limited (“we”, “us” or “our”). These Referral Terms and Conditions and the Sharesies Terms of Service at (together, the “Terms and Conditions”) apply. By taking part in this Offer, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

1. Eligibility

To qualify for the Offer, each of the following criteria must be met (“Eligible Customer”):

  • you have an active account with us;
  • you have an existing personal relationship with the person you refer to us;
  • you refer a friend using a Gift or invite within your Sharesies’ account via ‘Share the love’;
  • the person you refer does not currently have an account with us;
  • the person you refer signs up for an active Sharesies account (i.e. able to trade) within 30 days of sending your invite, or in the case of a Gift, by the Gift expiry date; and
  • you acknowledge and agree that you are not acting as an agent for your friend or us.

2. ‘Refer a friend’–invites

You agree to send invites only to people that you have an existing personal relationship with, and who you think would like to receive an email invite from us about our service.

By giving us the name and email address of your friend, you are asking and authorising us to send your friend an email on your behalf.

We will send one email and up to two reminders to each friend you invite. The invite will include your name as the relevant Sharesies customer who has referred them to us. You consent to us using your name in the email we send to your friend.

The reminders may be different from the original invite.

Your referred friend has 30 days from the date we send your invite to sign up for a Sharesies account off your referral.

You agree not to engage in any activity that may be considered fraudulent, invasive or may be considered spamming.

We will not send an invite if your friend’s email is registered to a Sharesies account or to another referral. We will still show the status of your invite as ‘pending’ for 30 days.

3. ‘Refer a friend’–Gifts

Your friend has until the Gift expiry date to use your Gift code to sign up for a Sharesies account.

If a New Customer uses your Gift code to sign up for a Sharesies account, then the Gift trumps any existing referral that may also apply.

When we ‘use’ a Gift code for a New Customer we mean your Gift code is the first code entered by a New Customer to pay for some or all of their Sharesies subscription.

4. The Offer

The Offer entitles an Eligible Customer to refer an individual to us as a new customer (“New Customer”).

The New Customer must be eligible to open an account with us and not currently hold an account with us.

From time to time, we may offer a referral bonus of cash in your Account (“Bonus”). The amount of Bonus payable and any applicable Offer period will be set out at

To be eligible to receive the Bonus the New Customer must open (within the applicable timeframes) an active account with us (i.e. able to trade) using:

  • the Gift code provided by the Eligible Customer to pay for some or all of their subscription fee;
  • the unique link contained in the invite from the Eligible Customer; or
  • the same email address that matches the address used by the Eligible Customer to send an invite,

(together, the “Account Criteria”).

If the New Customer meets the Account Criteria, the relevant Eligible Customer will receive the Bonus in their Sharesies wallet. The Bonus will be paid within ten business days.

Remember, if we use a Gift code for a New Customer, then the Gift code first entered in the sign up process will trump any existing referral and qualify for the Bonus.

The Offer is only available once for each New Customer and does not include multiple accounts being opened by the same customer.

Each Eligible Customer who successfully takes part in the Offer is responsible for any and all taxes payable (if any) as a result of this Bonus being credited, received or accepted.

This Offer cannot be used with any other ‘refer a friend’ offers which we may provide.

The Bonus cannot be withdrawn immediately. It must be used to make investments through your Sharesies account.

5. General

We reserve the right to refuse any Bonus if we have a reasonable belief that the Offer is being abused in any way, or that any of the Terms and Conditions have been breached.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the Offer or any part of the Offer at any time and without notice. We may make changes to these Referral Terms and Conditions from time to time by uploading a new version on We recommend you revisit these Referral Terms and Conditions regularly, and by your continued use of our service, you accept any such modified Referral Terms and Conditions.

If the Offer cannot be executed as planned, including due to any unforeseen issue or technical malfunction beyond our reasonable control, we will incur no liability for the non-awarding of this Offer.

We will resolve any dispute or situation not covered by the Referral Terms and Conditions in a manner we consider to be fairest to all concerned. Our decision shall be final and binding on all customers. We will not enter into correspondence. These Referral Terms and Conditions are subject to New Zealand law, and the courts of New Zealand have exclusive jurisdiction.