How it works

Sharesies makes investing super easy. Here’s a few things you might want to know before you start. If you have any questions, get in touch with us at [email protected].

What you can invest in

You can buy three types of investments on Sharesies.

Managed funds are provided by Pathfinder Asset Management, AMP Capital, and Smartshares. ETFs and companies available via the NZX.

In total there are over
companies and funds to choose from.

There's no minimum investment

We want to make investing accessible, no matter how much money you have. Sharesies lets you buy fractionalised shares of everything—companies, ETFs and managed funds—so you no longer have to buy whole shares when you invest!

Just decide how much you want to invest, and we’ll buy as much as we can for that amount—there’s no minimum. You can spend as little as 1c to...well, whatever you can afford. Just decide on a fund or a company to invest in and buy some shares. Easy as!

Read more about fractionalised shares.

What will it cost?

Choose to pay your subscription monthly or annually. Your first month is free!

A Kids Account is half the price of an adult subscription. Find out more in our help centre.


The price is based on your Portfolio value. This is the best value if you’re looking to invest less than $3000 over the next year.

Portfolio value Price
$50 or less Free
$50 to $3000 $1.50 /month
$3000+ $3 /month


The sky's the limit! This is best value if you’re looking to have over $3000 in Sharesies for a year or more.


Any Portfolio value

You’ll automatically be signed up to pay monthly—you can change this at any time. For more info about how pricing is calculated check out our help centre.

Transaction fees

There’s a small transaction fee for buying and selling companies. The fee is based on the dollar amount you want to buy, or the dollar amount you receive when you sell. There’s more detail on the companies page, and also in our help centre.

Management fees

There’s a management fee built into the price of ETFs and managed funds. These are charged by the fund manager, not Sharesies. Some fund managers also charge a buy or sell fee that they include in the price. The fees are different for each fund, so please check the fund info before you invest.

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How to invest on Sharesies

  1. Top up your Wallet

    It’s simple to do, either with a bank transfer, or with a debit or credit card. Read more about how to top up your Wallet.

  2. Choose an investment

    Invest in NZX-listed companies, NZX exchange-traded funds, or managed funds

  3. Create an order

    You can do this 24/7 but, depending on what you order, the actual time the order is placed will be different

    • Companies and ETFs

      Orders are placed when the NZX is open for normal trading, and between 10 am and 4.45 pm.

    • Managed funds

      These orders are placed with the fund manager, each business day at around 12.30 pm. The units are usually settled two days later.


If you know what you want to invest in, and you want to do this regularly, then we have auto-invest to help you stay on track. Setting up an auto-invest order for ETFs and managed funds is easy. There’s a $5 minimum investment for auto-invest orders.

There are three pre-made orders (Responsible, Global, and Kids) as well as a DIY order that you can design yourself. Auto-invest is great for long term investing. The Kids order is only available on Kids Accounts—it has special tax benefits for most young people.

You can’t do auto-invest for companies, but we’ll be looking to do this in the future.

Check out the auto-invest FAQs.

How we protect your money and investments

Our top priority is to keep your money and investments secure.

We keep detailed records of all money in your Wallet and investments in your account.

We use Sharesies Nominee Limited to hold your money and investments on bare trust for you. Sharesies Nominee is separate from the daily business operations of Sharesies Limited. This means your money is held separately to the money Sharesies Limited uses to pay staff, and buy office stuff, like stationery and coffee.

Sharesies Nominee will never use money or investments held for you for the benefit of itself, us, or any other person.

We get audited each year to ensure we are meeting our legal obligations for our custody service.

Our obligations

We’re regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), and by the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX)—we’re authorised by the NZX as a Trading and Advising Participant, Clearing and Settlement Participant, and Depository Participant. We must comply with financial services laws and the rules set by the NZX. We are regularly audited to make sure we are meeting our obligations.

How Sharesies makes money

We make money in a couple of ways, some of which will be obvious, and some not so:

  • We charge a subscription fee for using Sharesies
  • You pay a transaction fee when you buy or sell companies
  • Fund providers might pay us (also known as a rebate) to have their funds on Sharesies, and
  • We earn interest from the money in your Wallet