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Why invest in ETFs from NZ?

Shared Lunch

There are many advantages to investing in exchange-traded-funds (ETFs), but with so much choice, how do you know whether to invest locally or go offshore?

We put these  questions and more to Anna Scott the CEO of Smartshares—a fund manager owned by the NZX.    

You’ll find out about moves to make it easier to invest in NZ infrastructure. Plus basics around ETFs, tax and currency considerations and what sort of Smartshares Bitcoin offering might be on the cards.

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Shared Lunch is hosted by BusinessDesk journalists including Frances Cook. 

Each week, we’ll alternate between an interview with a company leader and an industry deep dive.

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Ok, now for the legal bit

Appearance on Shared Lunch is not an endorsement by Sharesies of the views of the presenters, guests, or the entities they represent. Their views are their own. Shared Lunch is not financial advice. We recommend talking to a licensed financial adviser. You should review relevant product disclosure documents before deciding to invest. Investing involves risk. You might lose the money you start with. Content is current at the time. 

Shared Lunch is for a New Zealand audience.

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