Keep it regular with auto-invest

At Sharesies, we’re all about making investing easy. Recently, we’ve heard from more and more of you that having the ability to automate your investing would make things even easier. So today, we’re launching auto-invest! 🍍

Introducing auto-invest

We’ve launched auto-invest to help you choose and stick to an investment strategy that works for you. Just choose an auto-invest order, the amount you want to invest, and how often you want to invest—then auto-invest will do the rest!

Why should I auto-invest?

We recommend ‘dollar-cost averaging’—this is when you choose to invest a certain amount on a particular investment regularly, regardless of what the price is. It aims to average out the amount you spend on shares over time, rather than trying to catch the market at a specific high or low point.

Auto-invest is a really simple way to put dollar-cost averaging into practice, because instead of you having to remember to invest regularly, auto-invest does the remembering for you! Auto-invest is also a great option if you don’t have a big lump sum of money to invest, as it helps you stick to your investments and build your Portfolio over time.

To learn more, check out our co-founder Sonya explain dollar-cost averaging:

How do I auto-invest?

To help you decide what to invest in, we’ve created three pre-made orders; a Global order, a Responsible order, and a Kids order (only available for Kids Accounts). If none of these suit your style of investing and you’d prefer to build your own auto-invest order, you can do that with the DIY order.

Each order includes a different allocation of some of the funds on Sharesies. You can only have one order in play at any one time—but there’s no reason you can’t set up an auto-invest order, AND have other money earmarked to invest manually. 👍

Head to our Help Centre for instructions on how to set up auto-invest.

Global order

This order has an emphasis on the US 500, but Europe and Asia are well represented too, as well as some of the emerging economies. Because NZ pulls its weight internationally, we’ve left some of the NZ Top 50 in this fund. All of the funds are provided by Smartshares, an NZX company.

Who’s it for?

The Global order is designed for investors keen on exposure to a wide range of international companies, looking for high growth, with an investment time frame of 5-10 years or longer, and who accept their Portfolio will move up and down regularly.

US 500 35%
Europe 20%
Asia Pacific 20%
Emerging Markets 15%
Australia Top 20 6%
New Zealand Top 50 4%

Responsible order

If you care about the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact of a company, then the Responsible order will suit you. It’s a diversified portfolio with international exposure and excludes companies involved in gambling, weapons, and tobacco.

Who’s it for?

This order will suit an investor who is ESG focused, looking for high growth, has an investment time frame of 5-10 years or longer, and who accepts their Portfolio will move up and down regularly.

Pathfinder Global Responsibility 44%
Pathfinder Global Property 22%
Pathfinder Global Water 17%
AMP Capital Responsible NZ Fund 17%

Kids order

Kids have a lot of time to let the money in their Portfolio grow. Because of this, the Kids order is focused on maximising growth. This order takes a responsible investing approach, excluding companies involved in gambling, weapons, and tobacco.

Who’s it for?

Designed for kids—you can only start a Kids order via a Kids Account—it’s made up of managed funds so tax can be based on the kid’s Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR). It has a medium to high-risk rating and is good for a 5-10 year (or longer) investment timeframe.

Pathfinder Global Responsibility 35%
AMP Capital Global Shares 35%
Pathfinder Global Water 15%
Smartshares NZ Core 15%

DIY order

We all love a good DIY project, from building a deck to planning a garden. Offering the most flexibility, the DIY order is perfect for investors who want to roll up their sleeves and give it a go. Choose from any number of the funds on Sharesies—from as few as one fund, to as many as there are available.

If you have any questions about auto-invest, email us at [email protected]. 💖

Happy investing! 🎉
The Sharesies team